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Format: feature film

Status: development

Synopsis: São Paulo, Brazil, July 1998. The teenager Erika Shigeru (14) lives on the border between two worlds. Descendant of the third generation of the diaspora, she despises her family’s culture, and everything related to Japan. Her aversion is well founded: at the age of six, her best friend, also a Sansei (grandchildren of Japanese immigrants), disappeared at a traditional festival in the Liberdade neighborhood (a traditional Japanese neighborhood in São Paulo). Now, the memories gradually return, and Erika needs to manage the feelings that arise, the conflicts with her parents and the blindness of her grandmother Cecília, who started to exhibit medium abilities at the age of 82. Meanwhile, the family's video game rental shop is going through a serious financial crisis, and matriarch Roseli must deal with the conflicting risks and emotions of a late pregnancy. As the young girl grieves and learns about her own identity, Erika will discover that what she wants can be where she has always been.

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